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The new one act play written by the fantastic Actors Studio Drama School Cohort 24 Playwright, Sarah Wiseman, was a hit as part of the ASDS 2023 Repertory season!

Here Maximilian can be seen in character and in costume for the role of 'Augustus Clemens' at Death Row inmate at the Texas State Penitentiary or Huntsville 'Walls' Unit as it's commonly called. Over the course of 30 minutes he and his scene partner, Libby Lindsay, expertly told a harrowing tale of the grim acts which brought Augustus to his execution date. Consequently unwinding the hidden agenda of his counterpart, Leah Goodall (Libby Lindsay) in turn. There is more going on than meets the eye with Wiseman's new one act. Under the incredible direction of Chandler Stephenson, an expert in finding nuance and specificity in the shadows. A gripping new play which keeps the audience on the edge of their seats and torn the whole time.

Last Rites will be performed again at New York Theatre Festival this Fall!

"Don't waste your breath. This is all just a formality. You can save my soul another day"

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