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Maximilian begins work on Three Sisters at the Actors Studio!

After almost a month out of school, at the start of June 2023, I got a call from a mentor who told me of a job opportunity working the with the legendary Greta Seacat at the Actors Studio. I would be playing Fedotik in Act Three of the play. This would be performed in the 75th year celebration performances for the Actors Studio. I immediately said yes. "you have first rehearsal tomorrow." I was in London and immediately moved my flight and flew back to New York, reading the script as I went.

Getting into the rehearsal room was the start of a four week process of getting ready to get up in front of the Actors Studio's lifetime members and patrons in a public performance working alongside Nat Wolff as Andrey, Xavier Molina as Tuzenbach, Marcia Haufrecht as Olga, Sayra Player as Irina, Delissa Reynolds as Masha and Lisa Richards as Anfisa -- to name a few of the brilliant cast of 13 actors.

I got stuck in and made some lovely friendships. Very lucky to have such wonderful mentors lifting me forwards into new spaces.

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